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Datum: 27-08-2013
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Dear Madam/Sir,

On 27-08-2013 at 14h15 we had an appointment with Dr. de Raadt of the Orthopedic Departement in your hospital, the Vlietland Ziekenhuis.

We were at the reception of room 124, at 13h45, where we presented our papers (letter from Vlietland Ziekenhuis, completely filled form for the Orthopedic Dept. and our stickers), the receptionist informed us that we needed new stickers as the ones we had are too old and without a bar code.

We asked for new stickers at the ground floor desk and returned to room 124.

At the reception, the lady in charge was busy typing on her keyboard, so we had to wait for her to finish and hand her our documents.

Instead, the lady in question just “snatched” these documents from our hand and threw them in a bin beside her work space, at the same time mumbling some demeaning and insulting words to us.

Several patients who were waiting for their turn, were choked at the comportment of the receptionist in question.

We complained about this impolite and insulting behavior, and instead of apologizing to us for her rude behavior, the lady in question, disappeared and we were called by a “Doctor” who simply presented himself as Dr. de Man, and another lady, unknown to us, and invited us to a private room,

We told Dr. de Man that this is not a consultation room, but he asked us what is our complaint, so we explained to him, by words and by example, about the behavior of the receptionist and the manner she treated us.

To this, Dr. de Man responded that this is minor and there is no need to take this matter further and he bluntly told us "go back sit down and shut-up and wait your turn".

We replied to Dr. de Man that we consider this matter very important and we do not accept an insulting and a demeaning treatment from anyone, furthermore, we informed Dr. de Man that we will be lodging an official complaint about the behavior of the said receptionist, and as long as we did not know under which function he is permitted to interrogate us, we do not have to answer any questions or explain anything to him and/or to the unknown lady.

When we asked about the name of the receptionist in question we were AGAIN told to get out of the office and sit down and shut up. We ended the discussion at this point

Soon later two security personnel asked us to get out of the Vlietland Ziekenhuis following the orders of Dr. de Man, which we did.

Our request for a letter confirming that the Vlietland Ziekenhuis, Orthopedic Department and Dr. de Man canceled our appointment with Dr. de Raadt, for our health insurance company, was denied.

We find the behavior of the lady/receptionist in question appalling, inexcusable and unacceptable.

No one should be treated with such disdain and disrespect.

This is not the first time that we have noticed the impolite and ill-mannered treatment the receptionists have with patients especially elderly persons.

In the hope that you will take the necessary steps to correct these treatments by the Orthopedic Department personnel.

We will be very anxious and grateful if you could let us know about the measures you will undertake to correct all the above.

Yours sincerely